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I have… let’s say… no hardware experience.


The easiest but not cheapest solution would be to just use a large Android tablet and put the UV camera close to it. This would not look like a mirror, because of the offset between display and camera.

A display with a small hole for the camera would be ideal. Some phones seem to have them. To use the UV cam, you’d have to disassemble the phone which can be tricky.

A last option would be a projector placed above the viewer. A laptop or raspi 4 (if it is fast enough for video) would take the UV cam input and use the projector as display. You could use vlc to receive and stream the UV cam video… You will need to correct some distortion as the projector is not placed in the viewing axis (Keystone correction).


Sorry if this isn’t quite the right sub? Let me know before removal and I’ll x-post it elsewhere.

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