This is my first attempt at roasting malts.

Buying crushed malts from the homebrew store is too expensive so I bought big ass 25 kg bag of pale malt and a cheap mill (well I say cheap, hopefully I can make this work out in my favor). Which means I have everything I need for a very simple, all grain, pale ale. But one of my favorite beers is a dark ale, which needs more than just pale malt, water, and hops. So working from one of Palmers simple recipes for dark ale I need some pale and roasted malt. Which is where this post comes in.

I have based what I’ve done after this explanation of roasted malts and a combination of a post by brewcabin and Palmers guide to roasting malts.

I spread pale malt out over a baking tray, just enough so you could not see the tray (~250 g) and placed in a pre-heated oven at ~180 C (350 F) for 40 minutes. I plan to store the malt in a paper bag for two weeks before use. And I’ll update on how the beer turned out in a number of months!

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