• bahmanm
    47 months ago

    Throughout the years, I always stuck with my own method of organising my config files with my own style which is all based on eval-after-load. Never felt any motivation to move my things to use-package as I am quite happy with what I have. Well, I feel like I should give it a fair shot now that it comes out of the box.

    • @4ffyOP
      77 months ago

      I have done almost the opposite: moving as much configuration as I can into use-package statements, even for built-in features like dired. You can (use-package feature-name) or even (use-package emacs) in order to customize the basics. use-package just provides much better organization than any schema that I have ever been able to come up with on my own.

  • @afb
    27 months ago

    Just upgraded on my laptop. Config didn’t break, so that’s something. I look forward to investigating the new features, sounds like I can probably refactor my init.el a bit now that treesitter and use-package are in the base.