Hi, I tried to make a classic interface for Lemmy. U can see this in uebishe.com

My work is available for general use, if you want - you can find the necessary folders on my github.

https://github.com/soverxxx/lemmy-ui https://github.com/soverxxx/lemmy

It is necessary to install both of them. I will try to support Lemmy feature updates for this UI.

A few clarifications:

  • This UI only works when selecting the theme “Litera.css”
  • Other themes don’t work as they should
  • I have already started developing a dark theme

It still has a lot of bugs and redneck code (mine), but it’s convenient to use it.


Unfortunately, I do not know how to implement this into the main Lemmy branch, at least because of editing a lot of variables that broke all the old themes.

If you have any ideas on how to make it accessible to everyone from the “main box” - the community and I will be grateful.

Post links of your self-hosted instances of Lemmy!

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