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So our small university changed our networking from regular wifi to wifi with certificates. They use securew2 to setup certificates on android and root certificates for linux. Should I be concerned? I know on iOS the certificates are marked as untrusted from what many students have told me. What should I look for in a certificate as I really don’t know much but hate the idea of installing something on my phone to use wifi…


It is more secure than LDAP and the homepage is pretty transparent. Usually the networks I know that using securew2 combine with with radius which is far more easy to setup than some alternatives.

You ask if you should be concerned, but you do not go into specifics about what exactly, I assume you are concerned about the certificate. Therefore the answer is no. securew2 has perfect record and good reputation, the certification process is part of avoiding getting compromised, which they explained in depth with an example over here.

If you have in general some concerns about the process you should ask the IT guys in that school first before you come to false conclusions or ask us that are not involved.

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