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c/photography is a community centered on the practice of amateur and professional photography. You can come here to discuss the gear, the technique and the culture related to the art of photography. You can also share your work, appreciate the others’ and constructively critique each others work.

Please, be sure to read the rules before posting.


I. Discussion threads

  1. Be nice to each other

This Lemmy Community is open to civil, friendly discussion about our common interest, photography. Excessively rude, mean, unfriendly, or hostile conduct is not permitted.

  1. Keep content on topic

All discussion threads must be photography related such as latest gear or art news, gear acquisition advices, photography related questions, etc…

  1. No politics or religion

This Lemmy Community is about photography and discussion around photography, not religion or politics.

  1. No classified ads or job offers

All is in the title. This is a casual discussion community.

  1. No spam or self-promotion

One of the core goals of Lemmy is to be FOSS, without any form of advertising nor tracking. Let’s keep it that way.

  1. No personal attacks

No personal attacks. Violations may result in a ban.

II. Photographs sharing threads

  1. All above rules apply.

  2. Original content only

You photographs must be your own. In photo edits, all elements must be your own. Photos from other photographers will be deleted and may result in ban.

  1. Respect the post title template

In order to get a clean photographs threads, please respect the following title template :

[Photograph’s title] | [Camera used] | [Lens used]

Replace [Template] by your photograph’s metadata.

You can also write a top comment explaining further.

  1. Link directly to image or upload to Lemmy (10 Mo weight limit)

  2. Please only share one photo at a time

One post, one photo in the limit of 3 pictures in a 24 hours timespan. Do not flood the community with your pictures. Be patient, select your best work, and enjoy.

  1. If you want contructive critiques, use [Critique Wanted] in your title.

  2. Flair NSFW posts (nudity, gore, …)

  3. Do not share your portfolio (instagram, flickr, or else…)

The aim of this community is to invite everyone to discuss around your photography. If you drop everything with one link, this become pointless. Portfolio posts will be deleted. You can however share your portfolio link in the comment section if another member wants to see more of your work.

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