• @nekandro
    203 months ago

    The Philippines, notorious for inventing and being the primary user of cyanide fishing?

    Japan, largely responsible for decimating bluefin tuna population in the Pacific?

    Canada and the US, responsible for polluting waterways and putting salmon fisheries on the verge of collapse? Maybe for culling Northern Cod populations to 1% of their historical levels.

    Oh, you mean China, which produces 73% of it’s fishery output from aquaculture. China accounts for 19.2% of global catch (i.e., fishing) and 61.5% of global aquaculture.

    • FartsWithAnAccent
      -23 months ago

      Other countries doing bad shit does not make it OK: It’s all bad and everyone needs to cut this shit out collectively. Just because another country did something doesn’t mean another should be immune to criticism.

      • @nekandro
        73 months ago

        You’re arguing against… Numbers? By the numbers, China’s contribution to the world’s wild fishing is proportional to their population (~18% of the world), and most of China’s fish supply comes from aquaculture.

        The fact that you’re focusing on this 18% (mind you, China does control a good chunk of the world’s productive fisheries just due to the sheer scale of the rivers in China) rather than the remaining 82%…

        Arguing that China is overexploiting global fisheries, frankly, doesn’t look at the quantitative data.