• @WetBeardHairs
    03 months ago

    Minecraft is deceptively hard on cpu and gpus for what the game appears to be. It looks simple, but that simplicity comes at the cost of very high computational loads due to how dynamic and interactive everything is. They add in new features pretty frequently for a game I bought 12 years ago. Those features aren’t free and they stress the system even more. Be happy it is playable at all on a phone - it’s nice that they added in tuning parameters to let your phone be capable of playing it instead of saying you need the newest RTX4090 just to get 30fps

    • @kattenluik@feddit.nl
      13 months ago

      Everything in Minecraft can be optimized significantly, even with all the extra states they have added to all the blocks and the rest to the point where it should run SIGNIFICANTLY better. There’s not even LOD.