• @gkd
    14 months ago

    lol, somehow he believes that if you had voted for Trump none of this would have happened and Trump who is suggesting we remove all Palestinians from the US would have handled this better.

    And seemingly also believes that had you done nothing it would have been a more powerful statement. Right, because allowing Trump to win would have been a good “fuck you” to Biden without any real world consequences.

    Unless these people are out there plotting the coup of the history of mankind and not just idly complaining on the internet, then they need to just stop.

    Oh, then proceeds to come up with some “trans lives don’t matter when compared to _____” or “you care more about ____ than _____?” Again, quit it.

    • GrayoxOP
      -14 months ago

      Fucking right?! If the dude isn’t being purpously disingenuous to derail democracy in America, its honestly sad.