Here is our regular update that explains what we have been working on for the past two weeks. This should allow average users to keep up with development, without reading Github comments or knowing how to program.

We published a new release candidate for Lemmy 0.19.0. Note that this so-called release candidate is really a beta. In the future we will use more appropriate version names.

Most importantly it includes the new feature to export user settings, and later import them on another instance.

The Docker image was changed from Alpine to Debian which should improve stability and performance (#3972). This unfortunately broke ARM builds, so we’d need some assistance getting them working again for debian.

The remaining changes are mostly minor improvements and bug fixes, you can see them in the full changelog. Please test the new version on or by installing tag 0.19.0-rc.3 on your server. If you encounter any problems, report them on Github.

For Developers: This version includes various API changes compared to rc.1:

  • The endpoints for exporting and importing user settings are at GET /api/v3/user/export_settings and POST /api/v3/user/import_settings. Note that the returned json is not meant to be parsed, but directly stored to disk (#3976).
  • /api/v3/login now sets the auth cookie automatically, so clients might not have to handle it anymore. There is also a new endpoint /api/v3/logout which clears the cookie and invalidates the auth token (#3818).
  • There is a new endpoint /api/v3/user/validate_auth which returns errors in case of invalid auth token. This is necessary because other API actions silently ignore invalid auth and treat the user as unauthenticated. We are changing various endpoints to return simply {"success": "true"} (#3993, #4058 (not included in rc.2)).
  • The endpoint /api/v3/post/mark_as_read can now take an array post_ids instead of single post_id value but remains backwards compatible (#4048).

@nutomic improved the way that titles for Mastodon posts are handled (#4033). He also worked on various minor fixes and enhancements, see here.

@dessalines is nearly done with the redesign of You can see it here, and check the pull request to provide feedback / suggestions. Also worked on cleaning up stale lemmy issues.

@SleeplessOne1917 reworked a much cleaner 2FA interface for lemmy UI (#2179), fixed a bug with the emoji picker (#2175), and added an enable_animated_images setting to users (#4040). Also worked on lemmy-ui-leptos.

Support development

@dessalines and @nutomic are working full-time on Lemmy to integrate community contributions, fix bugs, optimize performance and much more. This work is funded exclusively through donations.

If you like using Lemmy, and want to make sure that we will always be available to work full time building it, consider donating to support its development. Recurring donations are ideal because they allow for long-term planning. But also one-time donations of any amount help us.

  • DessalinesA
    24 months ago

    Thx for the suggestions! You can comment these in the github issue, but the regional stuff I probably won’t add unless there’s a clean way to do it. Places are infinitely specific, and a regional dropdown could have potentially millions of entries.