• ☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆OP
    39 months ago

    Nowhere am I advocating siding or aligning with fascists. My whole complaint is that western left failed to put up its own independent anti-war position, and now the fascists have monopolized it. The worse the economic blow back gets the more people will become disillusioned with the war and they will listen to the people who are rallying against it right now. Surely you see how dangerous that is right?

    I understand that there are anarchists who are against the war and understand that NATO created this crisis. However, there there are also plenty of anarchists like povoq who are parroting NATO propaganda, and there hasn’t been any coherent public position against the war from any major anarchist organizations that I’m aware of.

    I’m mostly just deeply disappointed by the position western left has taken on this war, and I’m genuinely concerned about what’s going to happen going forward once it becomes clear that this war was a debacle. Compare this to how the left reacted to the war in Vietnam for contrast.