• Free Palestine
    33 years ago

    “passive suffrage”, as in voting power? Sorry, don’t wanna come down on you on that, translating between German and English can be a bit inexact and I wanna be sure I understand what you’re trying to say.

    We’ve tried voting for reforms, this has been the main effort of the soft-left for generations, and nothing ever comes of it. Why? to put it simply, the American political system is a ‘democracy’ in name only, in reality, the bourgeois class own everything and only they get a real say on governance. This is the entire truth, and it’s very frustrating trying to convince people to understand this.

    But, why is that hard to get people to understand? and why do Americans seem to be content with trusting the bourgeois class? well, the straight forwards answer is; we’re propagandized into believing the system works, and into worshipping wealth. We’re taught young that wealth directly equates to value, and so we don’t question or get upset when we see the rich blatantly ignore the democratic method. And, people are too blinded by indoctrination to realize they’re only supporting the bourgeois class - even if they dislike them - by saying the democratic method will solve the issues they cause. People are starting to realize the rich don’t care about them, they’re starting to realize the democrats aren’t on their side, but still believe voting does anything.

    TLDR: we live in a very corrupt system, and most Americans are thoughtless drones who don’t question their political situation.

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