Vivaldi is the first browser to have its own Mastodon instance, Vivaldi Social. Now it is the first to integrate Mastodon into its desktop version.
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Vivaldi social is moderated by the team (forum by volunteers), every federated instance has its own norm of conduct and moderators, Vivaldi also collaborate in the code and devs, monetiacion of Vivaldi don’t change (see Vivaldi business model), the TOS and PP is the same as in all Vivaldi services, no ads, no trackers, no sellings to third party companies, no Big Data companies, DMCA compilamce is these of an EU product (Vivaldi is an EU product, Iceland and Norway). The user can use the instance he want, Vivaldi only offers to the Vivaldi user a instance which he can use (or not) without the need to create a new account, this don’t exclude the use of other instances of the users choice.

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