• @Ferk
    1 year ago

    It doesn’t matter where did the “commerce” quote came from, if you do not agree with that quote (or have no first hand knowledge) do not confront its criticism, and if you do agree with it then own up to it.

    Throwing a complaint, then saying “I did not say it” and then trying to silence anyone that disagrees with that quote with “don’t sell me on this so please stop”, is a bit like throwing a stone and then running away, imho. You are the one who brought that quote to the conversation.

    I don’t use Vivaldi (nor are interested to even try, for other reasons), and I don’t know if it’s true or not the “commerce” statement, but I’m willing to bet that any corporation that opens a new Mastodon instance is gonna “by default” face allegations of being “commercial” in its inception by many random opinionated people, even if the instance was so young that it had little content.

    • Steve
      11 year ago

      I made clear what was opinion and experience and it was a discussion. re-framing any difference of opinion as a complaint isn’t a way that will make people want to listen to your opinion. This is is far too personal for some unknown reason. I also didn’t deny saying anything. I’m sorry this bothers you so much. I have every right in interactions to tell a person to stop selling me on it, as they were certainly doing, and I’m not sure what you expect to get out of this way of responding to me. Your other response was fine as it was informative but this is combative and personal and unncessary. Insulting me won’t make me interested in hearing what you have to say.