I didn’t know Johann Hari had a new book but I’ll have to check it out. I loved Lost Connections . It helped me when I needed it and I recommend it often to people dealing with mental health struggles instead of relying on medication. He gives some great examples of the healing power of working collectively and cooperatively with people that definitely have relevance to Solarpunk.

The first trailer for Beau is Afraid, the upcoming new film from Ari Aster ( Midsommar, Hereditary ) has been released.

Yeah I read about the first part but missed about IG blocking links. ( the hashtag pixelfed still works fwiw ) Maybe not a total existential threat as you say which is good but still slows PixelFed down from doing constructive work, which seems to be the point, and given the power imbalance between PixelFed and Instagram / Meta it’s still something to consider, if not be concerned about. The post asked to share for awareness.

You’re right and hopefully it’s Instagram’s existence that feels threatened especially with all the attention Mastodon / The Fediverse is getting right now.

Instagram threatening PixelFed with legal action. From Mastodon

I made clear what was opinion and experience and it was a discussion. re-framing any difference of opinion as a complaint isn’t a way that will make people want to listen to your opinion. This is is far too personal for some unknown reason. I also didn’t deny saying anything. I’m sorry this bothers you so much. I have every right in interactions to tell a person to stop selling me on it, as they were certainly doing, and I’m not sure what you expect to get out of this way of responding to me. Your other response was fine as it was informative but this is combative and personal and unncessary. Insulting me won’t make me interested in hearing what you have to say.

I understand. When I downloaded it I thought it was just a new browser, not meant for users of a specific instance. Would be great to have one connected to my instance so I see the appeal somewhat but it’s not a universal one as it seemed to be marketed.

I’m not complaining. I’m discussing. At this point, I feel like you’re badgering me and spamming me for having a difference of opinion. I’ve asked you not to sell me on it multiple times. It’s absurd that you continue the way you are as though you’re paid by Vivalidi. I downloaded it as a browser not knowing it wasn’t meant for me as you explain. That’s poor marketing and not my fault so I don’t appreciate the discussion getting to this point.

Had the set up been simpler I might have seen this but at this point I’m not likely to re-download it and use it. If someone else wants to that’s up to them, of course. I’m not alone in my disappointment / frustration as a non-Vivaldi user.

Consent isn’t the issue. I want a browser that allows me to use it as I choose not as it does. I can log in to my instance on any other browser so why not here. We have different experiences and perspectives but please stop spamming me about Vivaldi .

The “commerce” quote came from someone else on Mastodon who posts about social media / the Fediverse a lot. You don’t need to sell me on this so please stop. I don’t want a Vivaldi account, for reasons and the browser and its features didn’t impress me otherwise. I have all those things in places that I feel better about and are more useful. Feel free to use it and I hope you enjoy, though.

I don’t really see why most people would have any interest in this browser’s feature then. I know I have no interest in an account on the Vivaldi instance. A better and more popular feature might be a generic mastodon log in to the instance you already use imho

True. For me Vivaldi’s features are useless as i don’t want to make an alt on their instance. I can’t say for certain how much commerce they’d bring to the Fediverse. I agree that, as much as I like the idea of the Fediverse growing, allowing pre-existing corporations to Federate should be avoided and stopped for obvious reasons

Unfortunately it does so by forcing you to join the new Vivaldi instance which one person on Mastodon referred to as the most commercial one. He also said the login process is complicated. I gave up and deleted it after realizing I couldn’t login to my own instance

The official Mastodon app sucks for iOS as well, yet I have it on my phone and beta test it. My go to app is Metatext as it’s the most simple to switch between timelines, see hashtages, etc. I’ve also had tooot for a while which is pretty good and I like Mastoot which just went into testflight beta testing. Mammoth is a new one that I’m also testing with Testflight and has some unique features like being able to see local timelines of other instances. Each app has its own unique functionality and interface and I feel like the abundance of them forces each to try harder and be better so it’s definitely not a bad thing to have a unique view of your corner of the Fediverse.

A Moscow court has fined the messenger service Threema €14,200 (CHF14,363) for refusing to share user data with Russian authorities under a domestic anti-terror law.

Analysis shows the utility has raised bills $26 annually over the last 11 years.

I don’t agree with this at all based entirely on history. Facts aren’t exaggerations. He was awful even based on the standards of his day. The recent series on Behind The Bastards makes this doubly clear while taking this into account. You don’t rape, mutilate and enslave those you see as humans unless you are a sadist.

Why do we even celebrate Columbus Day?

Session is a decentralized fork of the signal code that eliminates metadata and doesn’t require a number you may want to check out

Users of the Signal messaging app got hit by a hacker attack. We analyze what happened and why the attack demonstrates that Signal is reliable.

Cool! It’s not mine. Just sharing and that’s a great place to share it

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