• Frank [he/him, he/him]
    358 months ago

    What is it with the homophobia and misogyny? Do you understand that using deepthroating is accusing someone of being the receptive participant in the sex act, and that cultural norms expect that person to either be a woman or a gay man? Do you understand that you’re trying to insult someone by accusing them of being a woman or a gay man engaged in a sexual act that you apparently find to be demeaning or shameful? I mean, like, okay, Catholic, so hating queer people and women should be assumed, but are you actually aware you’re doing it or is it just a reflex?

    • @CatholicSocialist
      18 months ago

      It’s a common fucking expression. You’re overthinking it. You never say “this sucks?” Give me a fucking break and stop discriminating against my religion.