Hi all!

For those who are using a very small, limited-RAM VPS (smaller than 4GB), how are you finding keeping Lemmy up to date?

I’m doing each component piecemeal, and on my 2GB RAM VPS I couldn’t finish lemmy backend’s cargo build, just too much RAM required even with 1.5GB of swap (VPS provider is really going to enjoy that, I’m sure)

I did the production build on a machine at home and copied the lemmy_server over. Seems to be fine, but… rust or lemmy seem to have some massive resource requirements on the build.

    • Kinetix@lemmy.caOP
      3 years ago

      I did for the initial build of everything, after having staged & tested everything on a VM at home, sure. However, I did scale up the VM to do the full rebuild of the OS and build Lemmy, so when scaled back down to what’s necessary to run things for now, I found that it’s not good for building rust projects with. Which is fine, I can build the components elsewhere.

      As far as Linux goes, I run Linux everywhere.