• @gkd
    27 months ago

    I don’t get why instead of making posts about “Don’t use Sync!” no one is saying “Feel free to use and pay for whatever you like! But as a friendly reminder please note that you should also consider helping your instance owners or the core Lemmy team as well.”

    There’s nothing wrong at all with paying for software, and even some will be fine with ads. It has literally nothing to do with anyone else but that person. Let them do them.

    Like I say though, I think the thing that should be being said is that the app is not self contained and that these people should seriously consider helping out the other aspects as well if they can. But hey, no, let’s just belittle them and push them away instead of welcoming them. I can almost guarantee that the availability of Sync will bring more users to Lemmy that never would have been here otherwise.