Yet another slight from Duckduckgo, adding to the many they have done recently. I’m looking for a new search engine to be my daily driver. Any suggestions? Startpage? Brave?

  • @unnecessarily
    22 years ago

    As I understand it, Brave bought Cliqz which had their own existing index, and this is what Brave uses as a starting point for its search engine.

    The problem is that I’m a little suspicious about how they’re continuing to update their results, as they’ve been really opaque about this. I can’t find anyone online who’s said anything about encountering Brave’s crawler in their access logs, and in all of Brave Search’s documentation they never once claim to have a crawler, just an index. I’m not saying they’re stealing results from another search engine, but they could be buying updates to their index from another crawler? Honestly I’d just like them to be more transparent.