Outside of Disco Elysium, of course. Looking for games with great narratives and some level of Class Consciousness.

Bonus points if it plays well on Steam Deck!

  • Moonguide
    1 month ago

    Haven’t finished it, so I don’t know how the overall message and characters land, but Another Crab’s Treasure has some class consciousness and some critique on landlordism and capitalism on the first half (I say this because the main character has a very specific goal that I haven’t seen challenged ideologically yet, which is against the greater good).

    It is not introspective, you cannot expect the writers to wax on about the system. Commentary is made by the characters along the way, but mostly in a caricaturistic (?) manner, about the failures of capitalism, and the mental gymnastics those who defend it must do.

    However, it is fun as hell. Like if Rare from the old days of Conker’s wanted to make a souls like, with an overarching theme of anticrabitalism.