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  • Hilarious the way they try to pretend this response isn’t because they’re fundamentally Christofascists:

    By allowing torn pages from the Holy Bible to be the canvass of a clearly anti-Christian message, we are opening the door to all religious texts for all religious faiths to be subject to being treated the same way. Imagine if these were torn pages from a Koran (Islam), Talmud (Jewish), or religous texts of any other faith.

    I have a strong feeling if that were the case, Mike, you wouldn’t give a shit and would probably even approve of it

  • This is the biggest issue that a lot of these angry gamers aren’t even talking about. If you look at the last ~15 years or so, Sony has suffered a major data breach every like 1.5 years, why the hell should anyone trust them? And you know this new requirement is gonna grab the attention of bad actors who know that hundreds of thousands or millions of new accounts will be made, ripe for the picking.

  • Same with all AI, if it’s being made for the memes with fine tuning from an actual human being so it makes sense and doesn’t sound like shit, I think it’s not only fine but often really funny. Prime examples: Presidents play MTG and the Shit On The Company’s Time song linked below.

    But we know as the technology improves it’s gonna be used to pump out endless slop that takes the jobs of actual artists so its a hell of a double-edged sword.