On Thursday, the spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Ning, demonstrated Beijing’s support for the addition of Palestine to the UN. ⠀

The spokeswoman also called for the United Nations not to delay the decision any longer and to take action to stop the genocide and end the bloodshed as soon as possible. ⠀

On the other hand, the United States said it will not accept Palestine’s request until a comprehensive agreement is reached with its ally, Israel.

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  • AlsephinaOP
    3 months ago

    Netanyahu going to jail won’t fix anything. Leaders don’t come into power by their merit, but by the system in place and its material conditions; the very existence of the fascist colony here means only hitlerite people like Netanyahu can come into power.

    Gaza will not be any safer even if Netanyahu quits.

    So long as this western proxy exists in Palestine as a separate state, it will continue to colonize it and serve the US’s imperialist interests of destabilizing the Middle-East. The only permanent solution is to drive out this foreign force entirely and revert it to the Palestine before zionist colonization where Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc lived together — this is also what the PFLP advocates.

    There is nothing to negotiate with a colony. You would be legitimizing it by doing so.