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You can check the websites which use keylogger with Blacklight, among the sites which use Keylogger is f.Exmpl Microsoft US with the TowerData company …

Well, I think nobody here use Chrome…

[drama] Joepie91 resigns from moderation in the PG matrix room titled "lounge"

I’m hereby announcing my resignation as a moderator of PrivacyGuides. Over the past couple months, dngray has repeatedly been interfering with my job as a moderator (most of these cases were never public), making it unnecessarily energy-intensive and time-consuming for me, beyond what I can afford t…

Fabric of our Future ?

The German BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity…

The Ubiquity of Trackers & The Intersection of Personal Responsibility

ICYMI: Important insights from Nate Bartram…

The Invisible JavaScript Backdoor – Certitude Blog

Could malicious backdoors be hiding in your code, that otherwise appears perfectly clean to the human eye and text editors alike? …

I thought this tool might be useful for those wanting to run a quick privacy check on their website of choice…


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