Out of the frame: disability and the body in the writings of Karl Marx
Also, Marx himself became disabled and chronically ill in his adult life.^[[The nature and consequence of Karl Marx's skin disease](]^[[Was Marx’s Probable Enemy Hidradenitis Suppurativa?](] You'd think more disability rights movements (other than the ones conducted by marxists) would be supporting him and other revolutionary marxists.

I'm horrified at the idea of becoming disabled here.

People wonder why usonanos lost faith in this country. I'm just ashamed of him getting in power to begin with, especially after finding out about *this* shit, which happened in the 2015 *elections*...

> The longer and more widely a sign is used, the more standardized it becomes, and ASL is still a fairly young, dynamic language that has overcome decades of stigma. The best way to figure out which words to use, Dr. Hochgesang said, is to connect with deaf communities.

> This is something we have the opportunity to address this year through the campaign for the ratification of the African Disability Protocol (ADP). The is the legal framework on which African Union (AU) member-states are expected to formulate disability laws and policies to promote disability rights in their countries. [...] It was adopted in 2018 by the AU, but for it to become legally binding we need 15 member states to sign and ratify it. So far only Mali and Kenya have fully ratified it, while some others are at various stages of signing up.

Hardship of Life – Siena International Photo Awards
> This little boy’s father Munzir lost his right leg when a bomb was dropped as he walked through a bazaar in Idlib, Syria. His son Mustafa was born without lower or upper limbs due to tetra-amelia, a congenital disorder caused by the medications his mother Zeynep had to take after being sickened by nerve gas released during the war in Syria. Mustafa will need special electronic prostheses in the future which, unfortunately, are not yet available in Turkey. ![](

A new South African app called DEAFinition, developed by mobile app specialists Codehesion, helps users to learn the basics of sign language to communicate with deaf friends and family. DEAFinition is a non-profit company providing a range of services and funding opportunities to promote equal access for the deaf community. The SASL DEAFinition App, available to Android and iPhone users, offers reference videos and material for the official sign language used by deaf people in South Africa. See #technology #mobile #deaf #hearing #disability

> If the proposed law is approved by the National Assembly as passed by the Senate, sign language will become the third official language after Kiswahili and English and will be used in all government offices, schools and courts.

> The department’s complaint alleges that Uber violates the ADA by failing to reasonably modify its wait time fee policy for passengers who, because of disability, need more than two minutes to get in an Uber car. Passengers with disabilities may need additional time to enter a car for various reasons. A passenger may, for example, use a wheelchair or walker that needs to be broken down and stored in the car. Or a passenger who is blind may need additional time to safely walk from the pickup location to the car itself. The department’s lawsuit alleges that, even when Uber is aware that a passenger’s need for additional time is clearly disability-based, Uber starts charging a wait time fee at the two-minute mark.

> Medication and assistive devices are scarce in displacement settings and almost all surveyed IDPs with disabilities said they don’t receive assistance adapted to their difficulties, including specialised healthcare.

> As usual, several Israeli police officers would be there at the gate, which is close to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. But Eyad was used to seeing them there, and in case he was ever stopped (he rarely was), he always carried three forms of identification to show – two of them attesting to his autism. > Realising the danger Eyad was in, Wardeh called out “Nakheh nakheh (disabled)!” in Hebrew, to warn the officers that the man they were chasing had a disability.

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