Critical Mass
Guidelines for posting.
Please always fill the following template: 1. What current existing technology fulfills the solution? 2. Name of your technology. 3. How is it better than current technology? 4. Do you have any conflict of interest wrt the technology? (Do you gain any monetary or non-monetary benefits by increase of userbase?) Note: mod can remove your post if he feels there's not a substantial development from current technology. This is to reduce the effects of those who subtly discourage improvement. We after all must expect traitors from current technology companies here. There can be recursion. A technology which is recently provided critical mass can be replaced next week. Hero becoming a villain is common. Think a lot before posting and always think about the whole system, not your benefit. After analysis for the technology after debating, based on consensus, a post named GO : {TECHNOLOGY NAME} would be created by mod in event of new technology being better where participants of this community are expected to create accounts on those websites or other areas and migrate. After all, participants aren't expected to manage 100 accounts.

Amidst manipulation of content by centralized companies, a need for fair selection of content arises. Mastodon is a decentralized AGPLv3 licensed software which anyone can host on their own server. Each instance host can keep a copy of Mastodon and can configure it to prioritize content fairly. People can in turn choose servers which they trust. Server code is always untrusted and even if server code is made open source, one cannot trust that the same code is being run on the server. This can be exploited. Decentralization of Mastodon solves this exploit by having many servers across the globe. It already has a lot of userbase.

This video is meant moreso to serve as a pitch to those who are already interested in promoting these values. The focus is really on giving more organization to free culture projects and initiatives. Really what’s needed more than anything else is drive, but if you have any skills or projects you’d like to share, let us know. If PeerTube isn't working, the video is also hosted on YouTube:

XMPP - Chat with strong OMEMO encryption
cross-posted from: 1. What current existing technology fulfills the solution? WhatsApp. 2. Name of your technology. XMPP 3. How is it better than current technology? It is not centralized on a single server. It's client apps are free software and not proprietary. It uses OMEMO encryption which is strong and private keys stay on client. Whether keys stay on client cannot be verified in WhatsApp even though it claims end to end encryption. 4. Are there any conflict of interests? No. (9th Jan 2022) P.S. Can people please fill sheet of PixelFed. This community would not be useful without action and making upvotes alone. It would flourish if we stay together and interact on given platforms encouraging other people.

Pixelfed - a federated alternative for image sharing
1. What current existing technology fulfills the solution? Instagram. 2. Name of your technology. PixelFed 3. How is it better than current technology? It is not centralized. It is free software licensed with AGPLv3 which prevents installation of non-free apps. It can be browsed on web without login, unless the user wishes otherwise. It keeps news feed according to timeline, respects user's privacy and doesn't fingerprint them. 4. Are there any conflict of interests? No. (6th Jan 2022) Cons: Uses JavaScript. JS is not LibreJS friendly. In my view it is a clear upgrade. People's comments and criticisms are welcome. Also, please suggest a system for feedback, i.e. to make sure that people in this community have created accounts on the technology.

Please create accounts at instances mentioned at After creating accounts, do enter your username@instancename in the sheet at link of this post. Remember, forming critical mass, it would be lonely out there. (maybe not in PixelFed) Please persist. Connect with each other. Invite your friends and family. Each famous person who has substantial following that you can bring will have immense positive effect. Please use less used instances for load balancing and decentralization if possible.

System D
![]( Encrypted platform for non-profit collaborative projects Create projects, invite your friends and enjoy the free and safe tools to organize your association or collective together. (Not to be confused with systemd)

Critical Mass
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    This is one of the most unique communities of the world.

    As free software enthusiasts and federated software preferers, there are many technologies out there which provide substitute for freedom harming technologies.

    The purpose of this community is to create accounts on technologies better than existing ones (maybe but not necessarily ideal) and create some minimal content for creating critical mass!

    You, my dear user, would essentially be becoming the reason that a technology gets used by most of the world!

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