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Amidst manipulation of content by centralized companies, a need for fair selection of content arises.

Mastodon is a decentralized AGPLv3 licensed software which anyone can host on their own server. Each instance host can keep a copy of Mastodon and can configure it to prioritize content fairly. People can in turn choose servers which they trust.

Server code is always untrusted and even if server code is made open source, one cannot trust that the same code is being run on the server. This can be exploited.

Decentralization of Mastodon solves this exploit by having many servers across the globe.

It already has a lot of userbase.

Critical Mass
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This is one of the most unique communities of the world.

As free software enthusiasts and federated software preferers, there are many technologies out there which provide substitute for freedom harming technologies.

The purpose of this community is to create accounts on technologies better than existing ones (maybe but not necessarily ideal) and create some minimal content for creating critical mass!

You, my dear user, would essentially be becoming the reason that a technology gets used by most of the world!

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