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  • It was better than Crystal Skull because it didn’t quite so explicitly sci-fi the magic, the set pieces were a little better, and Helena was less annoying than Mutt, but both movies are sort of equally useless, and openly depressed Indy was VERY depressing. The character always had some undiagnosed mental health issues pushing him towards unhealthy risk-taking, but Mangold’s Indy just made me sad.

  • I’m kinda sad to see it enshittify, for gamers and for those who find it fits their actual collaboration use case, but I also really hate the number forum-format communities that Discord has displaced or prevented from coalescing. Discoverability on Discord is terrible, as is having help available long term, as well as older advice and other content that helps newbies get the culture of a community. Even where the functionality exists, the general “real time” transitory feel of it reduces the quality of content and encourages people to be dicks, since it will all scroll by or be forgotten (if streaming) in a few moments anyway.

    Horses for courses, and my old-ass X-ennial self thinks Discord has been pressed into service on a lot of courses where it’s terrible.

  • This all feels a lot like any low- or mid-range CAD suite that gets acquired by Autodesk, Siemens, or PTC. Promise enough to avoid a revolt, but start eroding with the next release.

    The educational licensing for lock-in is also par for the course. It can be done well (Rhino 3D is legendary for letting small-shop designers use their cheap edu license forever, even commercially), but generally it’s just there to maintain the supply of baby drafters and get subscriptions from employers.

  • Well, those are standard MX compatible switches. No big deal to find keycaps, but selection of numpad-only sets is more limited. Any idea what you want, style wise? Do you only want GMK or Signature Plastics or Drop, or are random sets and clones from Amazon/AliExpress okay?

    Some of the higher end stuff will sell numpad only, generally for way less than the base kit (to wit…), but a really cheap set will cost the same for the full set, or even potentially a good bit less if you go bargain hunting and aren’t picky.

  • Twice that I recall, both while at least mildly ill. Once, in law school, I was late to class and had an assigned seat in the middle of a row, so I was not keen to draw further attention to myself, but I had a rumbly tummy and the bowel wants what it wants. Eventually, despite what felt to me like truly heroic efforts, I did in fact excuse myself, only to find that floor’s bathroom was closed. going down a flight of stairs does things to your regular clenching pressure, and by the time I made it to the toilet, “slug of poo” had made its way into my boxers. Damage to the undies was surprisingly mild, but I went ahead and called it a day for the rest of my classes, as I had skipped many times for far less legitimate reasons.

    The other time I was just home with the shits and didn’t quite make it once. Afterwards I moved my “I’m sick” nest a lot closer to the bathroom for the rest of the day.

  • Because I can? LOL.

    I do try to make to make boards with layouts that are slightly unique from anything I could buy, just to lie to myself and pretend that I “have to” make them. Latest kick, which simplifies construction in a couple of ways, is making boards that have no key wider than 1.75 “regular” ones. Means I have more real estate to play with and don’t need the notoriously noisy “stabilizer” hardware.

    The kind of soldering you do with a handwire is also sort of relaxing, like tying fishing flies, except you burn your finger every once in a while.

  • Yes, that’s probably about perfect. There are a few human deaths, occasionally with a fair amount of blood, though it’s fairly stylized, and part of the lore involves the banal commonness of resurrection spells, so I doubt it would be too traumatizing for a teen. The rest of the gore is non-humans and often almost more like a particularly unflinching cooking show.

    There’s only a little bit of “nudity,” and it’s thoroughly PG-13. Then the character interactions and themes are pretty gentle overall, though I guess there’s some realpolitik trouble brewing with some of the supporting characters.