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Really easy to develop at first, yes.

Also, the new iteration of Bootstrap doesn’t use jQuery IIRC.

How you package for Node.js is hardly controlling the future of JavaScript

Maybe not, but it’s still a very substantial part of the JavaScript ecosystem as a whole.

I’ve always been scared of this whole NPM thing in general. Microsoft are scooping up a lot of the companies behind the JavaScript ecosystem. I think at this point we have to realise that Node.js was doomed from the start: why is NPM a centralised, private closed-source registry which comes with Node.js by default? Can anyone else see the issue here?

Deno seems like a good initative. Good package management (it doesn’t exist), no centralised registry, no closed-source bullshit. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

I’ve never seen the point of ‘jQuery replacements’ like Zepto: isn’t the point of jQuery to maintain compatibility with older browsers? As most ‘light jQuery alternatives’ drop the compatibility for better bundle sizes…

…what’s the point of using it at all?

I can see this isn’t just a jQuery API, which is nice :)

There’s also a useful tab in the Chromium Developer Tools that lets you see the event listeners ofany given element, without any logging.