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I agree. It is just not needed. I prefer porn being porn and well… not other random stuff. In addition, it could put off people who are asexual or from places where porn is illegal (it is thus not very inclusive…)

Without full information (e.g., on the cost of production/demand) the price can be lower. This is also why controlling the flow of information is “profitable” for capitalists. Imbalance of information is characteristic of “real” markets (as opposed to an “ideal” market). Also, fluctuations average out for the population - not necessarly for an individual.

I would not like that. I like how it is now: ‘opt-in’ rather than ‘opt-out’. If I browse ‘All’ I want to see all. If I want to see only what I want to see I browse ‘Subscribed’. Simple and transparent without any hidden ‘bubble’.

If you “feel it” it has unlikely been proven by science… Prolonged low bloodsugar also raises cortisol levels which can have adverse effects. I would not dare to suggest to anyone what and how to eat since the science remains inconclusive and correlative (i.e. not causal/mechanistic). Also it is not clear that either conventional/organic farming leads to more nutrient rich produce. This is borderline misinformation…

Completly agree. Also, this is a topic that needs years of research and diplomacy as it is inherently tainted by propaganda (from all sides). It is pointless (and petty) to act as if there is a way of telling right from wrong at this stage. People need to cool their jets befor crying and accusing others of malicious intent. Personally, I am as left as it gets and that is why I like lemmy/lemmygrad. It is just refreshing to see this in the current internet!

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