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  • Unpopular opinion: Linux Mint sucks ass and there are so many great distros to choose from, which aren’t Linux Mint. It looks like Windows XP and functions like Windows XP. Still uses X11, which doesn’t even have proper support for 1:1 touchpad gestures and handles multiple displays with different scaling factors and refresh rates in a way that is, well, hacky and janky at best or non-functional at worst.

    I get that Linux Mint is easy to use because it’s made specifically to be as convenient as possible to users coming from Windows but jeez, it looks and feels like something from 2005, especially on a laptop…

  • I agree with pretty much everything you said, except for one minor thing. Whether you are a pedestrian, a cyclist, a driver, etc., you still must look and observe the traffic when you have right of way. Even though it’s a green light for you, it doesn’t automatically make it right for you not to give shit about anything and recklessly cross the road while staring at your phone. There might be an idiot driver running a red light, an ambulance you can’t hear because you’re listening to music, etc. I always observe the situation even if I have right of way, regardless if I am walking, cycling, or driving. It would be suicidal to do otherwise.

  • I don’t want to sound rude, but how old is your setup? Are you using a desktop or a laptop computer?

    Because I’m daily driving a late 2015 Dell XPS 9350 and X11 just ain’t cutting it, even though the laptop is nearly a decade old. On X11, its trackpad would be garbage, GNOME’s animations would be stuttery, and fractional scaling would be a mess, because I have a docking station with a 75 Hz ultrawide monitor, meaning that I must utilise both 125% and 100% scaling factors, as well as 60 Hz and 75 Hz refresh rates and different resolutions. Sure, not everyone uses multi monitor setups, but those who do serious office tasks or content production work often cannot imagine their workflow without multiple monitors. Point is, X11 is to ancient to handle such tasks smoothly, reliably and efficiently.

  • Most SUVs are useless off road and even the good ones aren’t always necessary. Peugeot has proven it back in the late 60s and early 70s with its 504. It wasn’t an SUV, it was an estate, and the only car that could drive in the Sahara.

    Most modern SUVs would break off their axles during off roading, because they’re cheaply made pieces of shit made for people who know nothing about driving. And then there’s bullshit cross-overs like Toyota C-HR that are front wheel drive. That’s right, they’re making rugged-looking tiny ‘off-roaders’ that are as good off road as your front wheel drive VW Polo. Possibly even worse due to shit build quality.