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Nice little article. Weird that it doesn’t detail how easy it is to use gamemode on Steam (just change the launcher command to

gamemoderun %command%

Nice to see it getting some love though. And Mint pre-installs it too. I think Pop_OS might also pre-install it… I don’t remember installing it, but I might be wrong on the Pop_OS front. Mint definitely does.

God - the wiki immediately tells you that while wine 6.11 can run it, there’s an issue with the mouse. The solution? Just build wine from source, of course, with this handy patch…


Such fond memories of Mechwarrior 2 (and its expansion), but this is such a missed opportunity for an amazing VR experience. If they ever reconsider VR, I’ll probably have to give it a go.

It’s apparently very necessary for 4K ray tracing. The DLSS massively reduces overhead in the rendering pass, while keeping the textures at an acceptably high level, even when displayed at 4K. The effect on FPS is pretty staggering. I think Linus Tech Tips has a video on it, featuring Cyberpunk.

If you liked StS, I can recommend Hadean Tactics (currently in EA) and Dreamgate (also in EA). The closest “true” rival to StT I’ve found though, is Windows-only, works perfectly in Proton and features scantily clad anime girls - Neoverse. It’s actually superb. Even after burning out on a hundred+ hours on StS, I still managed another 30 in this.

You had issues getting Elite running? There’s a short thread on GOL about getting it running, but basically for me it’s boiled down to one command:

protontricks 359320 -q dotnet472 win7

(Obviously, you have to run Elite at least once to have it fail first, which creates the PFX directory which that command then modifies).

That’s worked on Manjaro, Mint and most recent PopOS. On the latter, I had to run it two or three times before it “took”, which was weird (by deleting the PFX directory, then re-running the game to fail, then trying the command again), but so far so good - several hundred hours on Linux now, mostly in VR.

Just a quick update - the developers are having some back-end Steam issues in getting this uploaded for Linux right now, but they’re aware of the issue and are working on it (on a Saturday!).

EDIT: Fixed a few hours ago, now working perfectly.