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  • I’ve been on Reddit for 16 years and I’d say yes it’s very similar. Like Reddit back then it was very tech focused and quite liberal.

    I do think people are a bit more vicious online these days than they used to be and a bit more polarised.

    From a content perspective there used to be more blog content than tech news content, but it’s fairly similar. What I like about Lemmy is it’s far less commercial and the conversation is more genuine.

    However I don’t think Lemmy will become Reddit in 15 years, I think it may languish in eternal obscurity and I’m actually okay with that.

    Reddit exploded when Digg crumbled and the same could happen with Reddit crumbling but idk, there seems to be some stickiness to Internet websites these days.

  • I have this idea of a new transport technology. It’s basically a monorail except rather than share carriages with people you have your own like a car. The monorail can deliver you to your driveway with it branches. It sits > 10ft above ground allowing some of the old roads to be for bikes, children and redeveloped into green spaces. The monorail sits on posts that means it can be installed alongside existing roads whilst it takes off.

    Cars/cabs will be computer controlled and self-driving, obviously unable to leave the rail, and can be summoned or shared as a family. Self-parking. Take you home drunk. Usable by teens independently. Powered by the rail they’re on. Technology wise each cab has an electric motorbike engine and is otherwise your own customisable swinging box. One day you could pack your shit into it then sleep inside and wake up on a far away beach for your holiday.