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Pro a government of action for working families


labor struggles were correctly labelled “unpatriotic” by the red-scare-mongers of the time

Surely you can tell that this objectively places you with the red scare mongers, against the communists?

– “Socialism in the United States will, out of necessity, have some American characteristics” - William Z. Foster

Do you have the source of this quote? Thanks!

"The US flag is your flag, you cannot allow the US ruling class to own the flag. The working class of the US must fight for the flag and once socialism is established it is up to the workers to decide what they want to do with flag and the US as it exists - Fidel Castro (Addressing a group of students who did not want to associate with the US flag while other countries from other countries sat next to theirs)

Do you have the source for this? Or the name of the group he was addressing, the date, or the location? Thanks