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You need to pass the interview. Instructions are here: https://interviewfor.red/en/index.html.

redacted.ch is the best place for music on the internet currently, period. Not that hard to get too, you just have to read up a little bit and pass the interview.

I wouldn’t care at all about Linux being preinstalled - just about every laptop will run fine with Linux, the “comes with Linux preinstalled” part sounds like cheap marketing, as most Linux users (such as yourself) would have no problems installing the OS on their own. Claims of improved support sounds dubious as well. As for the laptop, what kind of workflow are you looking at? Personally, I’d wait for new Thinkpad T400 series with AMD Zen 2 CPUs to come out (I expect this to happen around this autumn) as they have superior performance and power savings. Also, having AMD means better Linux support.