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Thanks! I thought it was really hard to find as navigation generally is placed in the top next to the author tag and title here. Also using an icon for URL insertion with a help text saying “link” is not intuitive to me… but it may be to others.

Sure I can do that - I just need the build/compile command to include in the Dockerfile.

EDIT: I found the Dockerfile and can build it from https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/tree/main/docker/prod All good

Great, thanks. I can modify the line but it would be good if you could explain how to recompile the system as it is running in a docker container based on the manual here:

Getting 'no slurs' error on post

Hi, I am setting up a danish site. The word ‘sl*t’ means ‘to complete’ in danish. Whenever we make a post with that word, we get an error saying “no slurs”. And the post is not accepted. …

Danish language translation is complete. Do you know when the next release is due?

Yes I meant posts are only visible for users that are logged in. I think it adds a lot of value and potential users to be able to have a private community as well 👍

Great :) It works now and I’m halfway done. Thanks for your help!

How to disable the guest access mode

Hi, I know the default is to have open information for everyone, but is there any way we can disable guest mode on a single server for more private discussions?..

No problem, however the link you sent gives a 502 currently. Assuming the site is down

Thanks, I’ll insert it 👍 Is there any documentation on how to enable danish in the UI?

How can I add danish language?

Hi Lemmans/lemmings/lemmians? This project looks really interesting and I’d like to setup a danish test server, how can I add danish to the UI? …