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  • kilinrax@lemmy.worldtoHumor@lemmy.worldThey look so friendly
    6 months ago

    This reminds me, I was once walking into a Melbourne Metro station, and the Aussie mate I was with had been spinning me some web of shit for a while, I finally lost it and loudly announced “LOOK, mate, I’m not gonna believe any of the SHIT that comes out of YOUR MOUTH ever since you tried to sell me on FUCKIN HOOP SNAKES” and a random commuter woman in earshot literally doubled over laughing.

  • poor impulse control and a lack of long-term thinking and an inability to take others’ feelings into account

    And what is stopping you from just saying that, rather than using a pithy pejorative with a side order of pop psychology? Or even “emotionally immature” rather than needlessly infantilizing him by pushing the age comparison down to “attitude of an infant”? It’s not just brevity. On some level you must want to express disdain for his behaviour.

    I (seriously) do not see this as any different to “he hurt a few people’s fee-fees”. That guy chose those words to convey his disdain for the people Linus hurt. He could rationalize his dismissiveness just as you have, via “children are more sensitive” or whatever, and it would be equally spurious.

  • One behavior is inherently childish. One is not. One is objectively the attitude of an infant and thus does not require the act of infantalization in order to be framed as such.

    No, it isn’t, and this is a subjective opinion on your part. Not everyone agrees with you, so it’s not objective. Even what exactly is ‘childish’ behaviour is subjective, and arguably culturally dependent.

    His behaviour is pretty much by definition, that of an adult. An adult with poor impulse control, poor anger management skills, sure. But childish? That’s a value judgement which contains no insight likely to reach anyone. It adds nothing to the conversation.

    Use less reductionist words to explain why it’s bad.

    Or to rephrase: Linus’ reply isn’t bad because it is childish. All calling it childish, or infantile, communicates is your own judgement.

    Also; describing your judgement as ‘calling out’ - particularly when this is behaviour he has since admitted was poor, and has taken time out to address - just reads like you’re using the language of social justice to justify judgemental language.

  • kilinrax@lemmy.worldtolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldLinus does not fuck around
    6 months ago

    … he hurt a few people’s fee-fees.

    Way to infantalize the people calling him out while excusing his childish tantrums.

    You’re infantilizing Linus’ expression of anger, just the same as the person you’re replying to is infantilizing people who’re upset by it.

    Either they’re both bad, or they’re both acceptable - or you’re effectively saying that infantilization is fine, but only towards people whose behaviour you disapprove of.

  • Because most people are just saying stuff that is not true, which the link corrects.

    But you’re often just commenting the link, which puts the onus on the person you’re replying to to read the entire Wikipedia page in order to decipher what you’re contesting. Kind of like assigning homework. Again, presumptuous.

    If you read their comments that I reply to with that link, the facts documented contradicts what they are saying, and hence, may convince people of the validity of the claim.

    Unlikely. People won’t put in the work to decipher you, so it’s a poor methodology for convincing anyone.

    Not if I see people getting facts wrong its not.

    You’ve also got facts wrong, as mentioned above.