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Hey folks, I’m new to the platform, this is my first response to my first post so I hope I’m not making too many faux pas here. We were chatting about federated/federatable post-based solutions on our Element server and a comrade suggested lemmy.ml so of course I had to come check it out. Wouldn’t you know it, this was the first post on the landing feed that caught my eye.

So yeah, we’ve been running an independent Element server at chat.nopasaran.gq for a few months and love it. I’m an old IRC nerd and I’ve been doing a lot of organizing around opsec/commsec with comrades for the last couple years. We were using Signal to coordinate local and regional teams but managed to bail out before the glaring commsec holes bit us in the asses.

I know the apps are clunky, the interface needs some work, and communities is just straight up broken, but it’s so far an excellent chat server solution, especially from a commsec perspective. Oh, and when you create a channel, if you don’t switch that default nonfederated (hidden) option, you done screwed up. Otherwise I love it.