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They seem to lack a “hello new member, let me guide you through your first meeting”-kind of contact.

This is actually a very valid criticism. If orgs like to build and retain membership then they really ought to make an effort to make the party as accessible as possible to prospective members.

The part about Alladin is mind boggling. Its staggering to think that an algorithm is allowed to freely manipulate 7% of the world’s wealth.

A documentary adaptation of the bestselling book “Princes of the Yen” by Richard Werner…

A documentary investigating the 2008 financial crisis and it’s principle causes…


Part one of a French documentary that investigates the ordinary lives of Chinese people at the height of the cultural revolution of the 1970s…

A short list include:-

  1. The World at War
  2. How Yukong Moved the Mountain
  3. The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire
  4. Inside Job
  5. Obey

EDIT: I’d also include the PBS documentary “China: A Century of Revolution” and the Vice documentary “This is what winning looks like”.

A documentary adaptation of the content of the book “Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World” by Nicholas Shaxson…