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    The average person ordering one of these: … I’ll take a size XXXXXXXXXXXL please.

    The average store that keeps these in stock: Oh sorry, we’re out of that size, but we do have a size larger, do you want that instead?

    The average person thinking about their choices: ??? … mmmmmm … ?? … OK! … I’ll take three

  • Depends … with a cassette you could toss in the back seat and it could get kicked around on the floor all summer and as long as it stayed dry, it would keep working the next time you put in the player. I found an old REM cassette wedged into the back seat of my truck … I don’t know how long it had been there … the thing still played as well as it did when I last played it.

    You had to baby CDs a lot more because once they got scratched, you either skipped that song all the time or the thing just got unplayable.

    Sound quality was a lot better on CD … cassette audio were never great even when new and they degraded over time … but cassettes were durable out of their case or packaging, CDs were not.

  • So … what’s stopping them from just continuing to steal cars and just drive around without a license then?

    If they can get away with stealing millions of dollars worth of cars … all they need is just a bit more effort and they can keep living a life of luxury by driving around without a license. If the police can’t do anything about car theft … it’s a joke to think they can check on a driver’s license. They’ll charge and arrest dozens of innocent victims with a minor license infraction before finding some car thief driving around without a license.

    It’s great because we are definitely headed to a lawless state by being led by the party of law and order.

  • How about acknowledging the fact that in the US, the average police officer spend over three quarters of their time training to use a firearm.

    It’s no different here in Canada. All they want is soldier, give them enough training so that they’ll blindly follow orders, get them to defend the wealthy and control the poor, keep workers subservient and protect property. Give them a gun and a license to kill and encourage a culture of beating people, using violence or shooting people first and then asking questions later.

    There’s no mystery or revelation here. Everyone who has ever lived on the skids or has skin color other than white has always known this.

  • If the lake is drying up … the land is becoming bone dry and ready to burn in forest fires

    None of this looking good

    It’s May and northern Alberta and NWT is starting to burn … they are supposed to have a ton of spring run off to saturate the forest for a month or two and they had none of it.

    Wait until June and July come around, we’re all going to be wearing post apocalyptic full facemasks with oxygen and buying bottles from the biggest corporations that we will have to pay to breathe enough air.

  • I’m up in northern Ontario near Sudbury … and I’ve been driving around Timmins and Cochrane for the past few weeks. The forests don’t have enough moisture … we didn’t get enough snow last year … even my friends and relatives up north on James Bay are reporting a lot less water than years before. No one noticed that none of the James Bay communities reported emergency evacuations for anticipated floods this past spring like they normally do. There was about half the amount of snow here than last year.

    It all means that the spring run off was a lot less than in previous years … which means that our forests are already drying out and it isn’t even warm or hot yet. As soon as that heat arrives, our forests are going to turn into tinder fire starter. Normally, we should have so much spring run off from our annual supply of snow and ice that it would keep our forests saturated long enough for them survive the summer heat and make it less possible for forest fires. Without that snow, we’re doomed up here.

    Take in a deep breath of fresh air everyone … I hate to say it but I’m really worried that the whole north - everything north of North Bay, Sudbury and Thunder Bay - is going to go up in flames this summer. It won’t be good for us in the north and it won’t spare the south either because it will send clouds of smoke over the entire province.

  • I really don’t understand why they went with a private insurance company to deliver this program … they really had to shoehorn a private company into a public service in order to make it happen. Cut out the private company and it would likely save more money in the long run … money that could be turned around to hire government staff and a new government department to run the program. Instead of having a private company partly work to deliver the program and partly work to try to turn a profit by degrading the service for their monetary benefit.

    There will always be fat to the system no matter who delivers it … the difference is that if you allow private companies into these situations, they’ll do everything in their power to deride the new system and turn into something that will only benefit them.