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Yeah of course, I just don’t use flatpak or snap, and I’m tired of certain applications’ installation guides when the only two options are wget or curl to install the application.

I would say a tool like this sounds even better than snaps or flatpaks. Perhaps no one thought of this? Because it sounds to me like a great idea waiting to be pulled off. I really don’t wanna see any more curls or wgets in installation guides.

Yeah why Flutter? Sure the UI looks nice, even better than the old one, but isn’t speed more important than looks especially in an installer? Also,

First introduced in 2010, Ubiquity is functional and moderately fast, but it is very much of its time; i.e., its ancient codebase is said to be ‘cumbersome’ to work with.

So 11 year old code is ancient? Don’t we use tools and languages whose codebase is even older than that? Does that mean we should replace Linux because it’s old?

Bullshit excuse if you ask me…

I never had the opportunity to use Wayland because of my NVIDIA GPU, are there any noticeable improvements over X11? The animations look awesome by the way!

I’ll make sure to do that, thanks :D

settled on Arch Linux, after distrohopping a thousand times, it’s minimal yet it feels complete…

Macchina like @Dessalines said, is a Rust alternative to Neofetch. Although it’s not ready yet, It is sort of taking up all of my time and my main focus right now, I’ll take all the feedback I can get :)

You’re welcome! just noticed you posted about Macchina over at Rust, so thank you for that :D

I hope the meme never dies haha! Also, I didn’t realize I was talking to Lemmy’s creator, I gotta say, this website works and feels really nice! The load times put reddit to shame, and the ability to theme, is also amazing!

Thank you so much! I’m doing the best I can to keep them as low as possible because Macchina runs every time I open my terminal, and I can’t have anything slowing it down.

Is there anything wrong with them?

Thanks a lot! I was very afraid the community might lash out because there’s already hundreds of fetchers out there, but it really did start as a learning project, and I’m enjoying it a lot, Rust really is as awesome as they say!

It's called **Macchina**, and at first sight, it appears as a Neofetch clone, and that first impression is kind of on point. But, I'm trying to offer things Neofetch does not, like speed (because it's written in Rust) and other cool little features! ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/MDOVUMlDXV.png)