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  • I’ve always wanted a battlefield like 40k experience. To be a little guardsman who gets krumped by the greener faction, or eaten by nids or spikies.

    I’ve also been really enjoying games that are controlled with programming (the farmer was replaced has been a fixation recently). So I’d really like to make something like that. Like old school RuneScape, but the only way to play is to program a bot.

  • “chown” is a command for changing the users and groups who own a file. But the options “775 xyz” are used with chmod, a command for changing what permissions the owners and groups have over a file. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do so I can’t tell what part of the command is wrong.

    Either way you can run a command with elevated permissions by putting “sudo” in front of the command. Or by switching to the root user by using the command “su” or “sudo -i” (if you have sudo access, but don’t know the root password)