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  • I would argue the issue isn’t the existence or marketing of a product, rather how easy it is to procure, which I believe OP is saying. You can argue about how attractive the product is to people, or lack of mental health services until the end of time, but the real and very obvious problem (at least to those outside the US) is just how easy it is for most people to get a weapon capable of killing many with little to no valid reason, checks or training. From the outside this is seriously bonkers.

  • Right! Can you imagine if Rembrandt had an executive committee behind him dictating what to paint a picture of, then micromanaging brush strokes? That’s the games-for-shareholders model, and it’s fucked. Games are best when made by people who are passionate about the project, not solely about the profit. My big hope now is the publishers learn from the Sony debacle and simply publish the game, be happy with their profit cut, and shut the fuck up.