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  • So are you autistic? Because the literal-mindedness of your answers and the lack of awareness of how to engage in small talk is telling. I say this as one on the spectrum myself; it took me a long time to understand this is just an attempt to establish social connections by finding points of commonality. “Oh, you’re from Calgary? I used to live there, too! Did you know a store called Myth Games?” Neurotypical people are also waiting for you to ask the same things in return and often feel miffed if you don’t show any curiosity about them.

  • Yeah, my first color inkjet was an HP and it was an absolute workhorse. I had a graphic design business and I remember printing 1500 4-page newsletters for a client who couldn’t wait for a regular printing press due to a deadline. I stayed up all night feeding paper into that thing and had to change the black ink cartridge twice, for about $50 each, during the whole ordeal. I loved that printer. When it finally died after 15 years or so, I tried to find another HP that could do the job. What a mistake. Current models are hot garbage.

    So now I have an Epson Ecotank which I bought three years ago and literally have not yet had to purchase additional ink past the first set of bottles that came with it. Sadly, the photo printing quality is not as good as the old HP, but for my purposes it is perfect.

  • I’d like to see the data broken out by comorbidities, vaccination status, etc. so we can understand the risks - is it mostly elderly? Immunocompromised? Unvaccinated? Diabetics? It would be useful to have a real assessment of my personal risk of dying at this point, and whether or not I should be alarmed. For instance, if it’s mostly unvaccinated people, that’s sad, but I’m basically a pincushion at this point so no worries.