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This looks cool! I’ll add my spots when it’s warm enough :p

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

I’ve used it a few times with great success, although the flow can be awkward on Android when importing the downloaded .vcf file into the contact app.

Good point with special characters, I can totally see how could be useful.

I was pretty happy with the field option, glad you liked it! Didn’t want to overload the user with too many options initially.

I’ll make it more explicit that no data is stored, thanks for the feedback :)

QCard - Simple Contact Sharing

Hey everyone! …

I use this method too.

Fun fact: My old Laptop doesn’t sit at 100% CPU running mpv but does on Youtube.

Gone full Wayland with Sway on my laptop - So far, I have avoided installing XWayland!

I think we’re almost there.