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New special interest working group from the Linux Foundation Project that focuses on MLOps and Continuous Delivery…

I always thought Ubik would have been a great movie, easily one of my favorite PKD books. The last book of his I read was Time Out of Joint, which I really enjoyed as well.

Yeah agreed, there is some out-dated stuff in there but it is still a nice starting point when researching how to build a FOSS studio. Are there any lists that are more modern?

This is huge! We’ll see where this goes, I can imagine a lot of the wealthy contractors will fight this tooth & nail, although this gives me hope…

Feast: An Open Source Feature Store for Machine Learning

This is an excellent tool for serving feature data for training and testing machine learning models and building data pipelines. It supports both cloud and on-prem servers…

Here’s a helpful list of free and open-source tools for producing music. It’s got everything from DAW’s to samplers, synths and more…

An awesome list of references for MLOps - Machine Learning Operations…