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  • Since no one ever was able to convince me that the USSR killed 6942002496 people a second

    TBH there is a bit of a gap in the fossil record or crockoduck or Non-sequitur there if you think about it.

    There are 2 easily verifiable facts.

    A. Lenin and Stalin had some ideological beliefs we can loosely refer to with words like Marxism, Socialism, etc…

    B. Some people died in the USSR.

    Now a normal person may presume something like correlation does not imply causation. And normal people remember in Math class where if you didn’t show your work, you get a zero.

    But Liberals have this neat trick where they present this information as verified proven causation, BUT NEVER FUCKING DRAW A LINE FROM A → B. Everything that pretends to is a bunch of obvious baloney.

    I feel like we need a formal term for this general concept.

  • I wouldn’t. Why? No trans rights. Familial approval for medication is a killer for trans people, in practice it might as well be a ban outside of two neighbourhoods in San Francisco.

    I know almost nothing about LGBT stuff in China, and am kind of generally ignorant about most LGBT experiences in the US, so I definitely agree with your skepticism of China on the prospect of living there, but at the same time, I don’t feel confident that either of us have reliable information on where China is in terms of cultural progression to adopting LGBT rights. You might be standing on shaky ground regarding the US’s apparent progress and recent advancements, which appears at high risk of reactionary regression. I’d say staying in the US is perhaps not as safe as one may assume, but also, moving to a northern state is much easier than moving to China, so the mean time, I’ll give you that, proving China is better on LGBT stuff will likely be a tall order. The burden of proof is probably going to be on us, and it will be a heavy burden.

    On the other hand Cuba recently did a 2022 Cuban Family Code referendum (wikipedia).

    Not to mention the clamping down on DIY, which unlike the west, the Chinese government has real power to actually enforce to some extent.

    I have no idea what this is referring to, but I feel like this is also happening in the US, but it’s enforced via corporations using profit motives. The usual barrier to DIY projects in the US is that John Deere/Apple doesn’t want you to, or Radio Shack closed and you have to buy your parts online, some parts too complicated/miniaturized to build on US soil.