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  • No one was beheading babies. Please edit your post and stop spreading disinformation. This shit is exactly what Isreal wants to justify their apartheid state.

    Biden said during his meeting with leaders of the Jewish community at the White House: “I never really thought that I would see and have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.”

    The Washington Post quoted a White House spokesman as saying that neither President Biden nor any US official has independently seen any photos or verified reports on this. The spokesman added that Biden’s statements regarding the alleged atrocities were based on allegations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman and Israeli media reports.

    Hamas, however, has confirmed in a statement that the Palestinian resistance does not target children and called on the Western media to be accurate in its reporting.

  • The difference is that Hollywood was actually at a much weaker position for a number of reasons. The first is that the nature of the business means the production house had many projects in the can, waiting to release. This meant the impact of the strike could be rode out for longer before releases began being impacted by the strike. In comparison as soon as UAW closes down a shop the big 3 start losing money.

    The second is Hollywood was up against wall street, there was a strong interest by investors to break up the strike, not just in Hollywood but in all industries. The reasoning is that labor wins translate to more labor fights, they want to demoralize any attempt to get a fair share and reduce profits. UAW is in a stronger position today than the writers and actors were when they started, so why is Fain pumping the breaks when he could be building more momentum (for both his members and the labor movement at large) with a full strike?

    You might disagree but my criticism is a valid one, moral within the union isn’t great and it would be easy to fix by fighting together.

  • $825,000,000 in the current strike fund. 400,000 current active members. I’m not sure what the contract length is so let’s say 4 years, that’s a minimun.

    $825,000,000 ÷ 4 years ÷ 12 months ÷ 400,000 members = 42.96 per month per member to rebuild the fund for the next contract.

    That is not to mention the current fight is an existential one for the union. As EV funding coming from the state has all gone to none union shops, it has hurt the unions strength. Part of this current fight is to demand expansion of the union to EV shops, growing that member number and preventing the union from becoming irrelevant.