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A 3D printer and a bidet. The 3D printer changes your mindset from “damn annoying thing X” to “I can print something to solve all annoyances”. The bidet made my butt super duper clean and wastes almost no paper.

I got a $20 bidet and I can’t live without it.

Welcome to the FPV Lemmy community!

Let’s talk about drones, wings, planes, boats, anything you fly, drive or steer and have a camera on…

Maybe not in the US. Other parts of the country have gone to pre-covid normal, minus having to wear masks in public and use hand sanitizer, which isn’t really a huge inconvenience anyway.

My experience echoes Ephera’s, I switched my dad over and basically told him “This is where Firefox is now” and that was it. Everything else, he figured out by himself.

It’s not like he was very deeply tied with the OS, but he does use SketchUp to design things, AutoCAD for some others, writes documents, etc, so there was a bit of a learning curve (mostly which folders are for what).

My support load has dropped to basically zero, since they don’t get viruses now.