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Really? I don’t get one. I will remove it since some other people will.

This is topical with the USA about to legislate cryptocurrency development out of their country.

I guess that is fine. The fact that it is opensource will allow the OpenRGB people implement the API easier I would assume.

Can OpenRGB work with this yet?

Just $85 M. That is not a lot at all for them. I assume they will continue doing the same thing.

Didn’t the book Freakenomics point to reduced lead exposure led to less criminality in the USA?

Is the GNU Name System active? Have you used ENS (Ethereum Name System)? It is getting some use.

He just loves the idea that people think he lives in a spy novel. But he went out in the most McAfee way possible.

I am unsure what point is being made here. Is it good or bad that people don’t have to work?

I saw on the Matrix chat that the data centre was destroyed that they hosted in. They said they have back ups but are waiting.

Mission not complete but well done so far people!

This lady’s immune system has fought off anything the world has throw at it for 116 years. Covid had no chance!

A lot of indigenous people make their living from the oil industry, so not generally good for them. good for the environment and in the long run the economy can diversify.

Does the existence of far off galaxies affect the calculations of dark matter? I thought we noticed dark matter from orbits. I would assume it would be hard to detect how far off galaxies affect orbits in our galaxy or even solar system.