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  • Hard to say without knowing more but if it’s that severe, either mental health-wise or alcohol withdrawal-wise, then hospital is gonna be the safest bet.

    I get why you don’t want to do the hospital thing but if she’s going through severe alcohol withdrawal then she risks seizures and in the worst case scenario even death. Alcohol and benzo withdrawal are the two withdrawals that are known to kill people. It ain’t worth the risk. A hospital can manage the withdrawal and if shit goes sideways, being in hospital means they can respond immediately.

    If she’s not at the point of risking seizures or death from DTs but she’s hallucinating for some other reasons then you’re looking at the possibility of a psychotic break. And hospital is where a person needs to be in that situation so that the psychosis can be managed while mitigating the risk.

    In all honesty though, it sounds like delirium tremens based off of your description. The mortality rate for untreated DTs is between 15-40% and those are not odds that anyone should gamble a life on.

  • While it’s a tragedy to think of the embodied Congolese child mining labour that went into producing this image, we must stop and ask ourselves - isn’t this exactly what those 7yos sacrificed themselves for, wouldn’t they be glad to see this progress in the world which they have been instrumental in achieving?

    Of course it’s hypothetical. I’m not advocating that anyone actually go to the Congo to show those child labourers this image - what, in this economy??


  • Amazing work, comrade!

    I have no fucking idea what’s going on but I’m so impressed. This is gonna save some lives, you know that right? I don’t need to tell you how this project is going to put permanent hair removal within reach for people who BIPOC and who have darker skin tones, which makes it extra neat.

    I think you should start an online tip jar. I’m not saying that you should monetize this for your own profit but I’m sure that some people would want to chip in some change in appreciation for your efforts. If you do take this advice on board, I’d recommend that you don’t release information about your progress on this project directly since you may be in a gray area with regards to the ToS of whatever platform you use, possibly even government regulations. If it’s generic online tip jar that doesn’t have anything specific attached to it (or at least not this project) then you’re going to be insulated from all of that bullshit. There is a risk that it would make your project traceable to your personal info via the government getting warrants or some shit, if they were going to take it that far, but if you are careful with your wording and it’s just a “Hey, check out this cool DIY project that I’ve made - here’s the step-by-step of how I did it” or an “for educational purposes only” sort of deal then you are probably out of reach of the long trotter of the law. Not a lawyer tho.

  • Oh there you go, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the additional information, that clarifies a lot of things.

    I never followed them closely enough to really get a decent measure of what was going on with this shift. I can just remember coming across a clip of them talking about Maupin and being astonished since it was a pretty dramatic pivot and I didn’t hear about what happened to them from anywhere, I just stumbled across the whole thing and tried to piece it together.

    That definitely sounds like their wife though. I remember her being pretty awkward and uninterested in the spotlight, and since an expose about what really happened never came out from her I figured she was done with it and ready to move on.

    As for the catfishing thing, I’d be inclined to believe your take. I wasn’t there when it went down, it’s all a bit clouded by history and competing claims, and it just didn’t interest me enough to investigate it for myself so I didn’t want to stake a claim in any particular narrative by representing it as fact. It’s one of those things where I didn’t feel comfortable editorialising too much since it’s not worth gambling credibility on.

  • I find this tweet really funny.

    I’m not sure if nobody challenged Burgis because they didn’t want to spend the next hour or more in a heated debate on interpretations of Derrida because everyone was still too traumatised from their previous experiences where this happened, if Burgis managed to stumble onto a decent interpretation of Derrida but he wasn’t aware enough to realise this fact, or if he talked absolute nonsense but due to him being a minor celebrity or the fact that it was a high level class everyone around him decided to save face and not call him on his bullshit so instead the people in the room stared at their shoes and shifted uncomfortably in their seats before someone finally broke the awkward silence with an “Oookay, moving on…

    Every scenario I can come up with is its own sort of situational humour. I suppose it’s a neat little homage to Derrida that there’s a lot of room for interpretation in the situation he described, although I’m not sure if he’d be able to spot that.

  • Peter Coffin went from middle of the road BreadTuber who was making winks and nods to being communist but who actively courted the BreadTube audience by hedging their bets and being mostly focused on anti-capitalist analysis and driving his concept of the “attention economy”, or something to that effect. They had a partner and maybe some kids with a woman who was… Irish? I think Irish. She featured in some of their videos, but not all that often.

    Then suddenly, around the time where the Maupin/CPI spanking scandal drops, Peter undergoes a massive pivot, breaks up with their partner, wipes most of their old YouTube content, and becomes an avid Maupinite and has a new partner who features on their channel pretty regularly.

    I remember coming across a clip of them talking about how… Maduro, maybe? Had name-dropped Maupin and the CPI in a speech and how the movement is kind of a big deal, gaining international recognition, and I thought that it must have been satire or part of a bit but, upon further investigation, it became obvious that they went all-in on Maupin for some reason.

    I don’t really know what happened between them and their previous partner and I didn’t dig because their previous partner seemed to shy away from much media attention and I figured that she probably doesn’t need people getting really in her business over this. I’m sure it sucked and was awful and she just wants to move on with her life, which would be completely understandable.

    Edit: Holy shit, I completely forgot that they had a fairly significant sketch comedy arc and got massively catfished by a troll or a team of trolls, some people arguing that they self-catfished in order to make themselves seem cool to others because they had a hot girlfriend (you wouldn’t know her - she goes to a different college), prior to their BreadTube arc.

  • So this is the timeline, afaik:

    Fisher publishes Capitalist Realism and then leaves Zero Books to start Repeater Books under Watkins.

    Doug takes over at Zero when John Hunt becomes the parent publisher, and he leads them for a while. So CR was technically before Lain, it happened around the same general period of time.

    John Hunt then gets taken over by Watkins, so they now control Zero, and Doug gets ousted where he joins Sublation. I’m not sure if the original Zero crew who became Repeater along with Fisher ended up getting reinstated to Zero Books when the Repeater parent company assumed control over Zero Books or what happened.